New Era Starts With Good Effort, Let’s See How Caps Do When Pens Come To Town

I’ll admit to being sad when the news of Bruce Boudreau’s firing finally came. This, even though I thought he should have been sent packing in the off season. Is Dale Hunter the solution? I’m not sure, but I know this: Bruce had run his course here. When players stop listening and when they lose respect for their coach – however it started and whoever’s fault it is – the coach has to go. Sometimes, everyone needs a change.

I’m actually pretty surprised there are even Caps fans out there who feel otherwise. Bruce deserves a ton of credit. He took a team of young guys and allowed them to break out. But he couldn’t take them to the next level, or they wouldn’t listen to him when he tried. In either case, the team needs a change. And frankly, so does Boudreau. I wish him luck, and thank him for four great seasons.

But onto the Hunter era.

I saw great effort last night when the Caps played the Blues, but that second goal, the wrap around, was terrible. Somehow, we have to get Vokoun to play better. He was so good earlier in the season. What happened?

As for the others, I want to see Hunter coach – and cajole and do whatever he has to to get the star players to play like stars. Everyone needs to improve, but criticism needs to be balanced by direction and praise when it’s warranted and the opportunity to shine.

Whatever the Hunter era brings, it won’t be an instant change. That said, with Pittsburgh in town tomorrow and a rejuvenated Crosby back, well, this may be just what the Caps need – an opportunity to shine and show their worth.

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One Response to New Era Starts With Good Effort, Let’s See How Caps Do When Pens Come To Town

  1. So according to the WSJ today, your new coach is a bad-ass. Not in the good way. But in the ex-player-who-gets-a-lot-of-penalties-on-account-of-his-mouth way. Oh well, might make things exciting again…

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