Foo Fighters Rock DC

Dave Grohl is a punctual guy. True to form, the Foo Fighters got on stage at the Verizon Center right at 9 pm. And then they rocked until midnight … which was amazing. I’m sure I lost some hearing, and my feet started to hurt (3 inch boots that are comfortable for walking aren’t necessary comfortable 2 1/2 hours into standing, dancing and stomping at a concert!), but what a great time!

It’s also fun because Dave Grohl loves this area. He made several references to playing in the DC area, and how “f-ing excited” he was to “sellout the big f-ing arena” in his hometown. It was perfect for the pumped up DC crowd. And I loved his reference to hanging out at Springfield Mall as a kid and growing up in his mom’s house in Virginia. I mean, just think about him as a teenaged mall rat!

BTW, Dave Grohl loves the f-bomb. He uses them the way he uses guitar jams and riffs – for emphasis and to channel the crowd’s energy. One of the funniest examples was the video of Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins back stage, negotiating how many songs the band would play in the encore, with Grohl signaling one song. That got us roaring.

A great live show, with tons of energy, good banter and connection with the audience. We have been lucky enough to see the Foos in the past, so we knew it would be a good. Even when the Foos were part of day-long festivals, they played an energetic hour and did not disappoint. This was even better.

The best song of the show? Let It Die. The entire place was shouting, er singing, along. They played my favorites from the new album, kicking off the show with Rope, and played Back & Forth, Arlandria, These Days, Bridge Burning, and maybe, Dear Rosemary. I was listening to the new album the day of the show, so not it’s blurring in my mind.

My favorite song, they saved for last. Funny that when I hear the first strains of my fave, it means the show is over. The cell phone recording isn’t too bad, and you get a good sense of the energy:

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