Office Events – Dos and Don’ts

Just in time for the (awkward) office holiday party, some observations on how to survive.

First, for people who “dread” the office party – please. Clearly, you have lived a sheltered life. There are real things – even in the work world – to dread. With very few exceptions, this is not one of them. Have a glass of wine, make some pleasant chit chat, get some food, oh, it’s time to go already.

And, if you really do dread the event, please don’t share that with your significant other. They know. Don’t add to their stress. They owe you, just collect later. Don’t be that obnoxious “plus one” that the office is snickering about. You know the one, the guys who is rude to the boss or worse, the one who disparages their other in front of the office. So who brought that inconsiderate clod to the party?

The real dilemma (for me), what to wear. Better to be more formally dressed or to play it casual? I guess it depends on the organization and the people. Sometimes, you want to make a statement – I’m going to be the only guy not wearing a tie – mostly, you just want to melt into the background. Hint: don’t do that by wearing a three-button suit circa 1995, with the top button up at the collar bone …

Pretty much, there’s always going to be a range of reasonably acceptable choices, and as long as you’re in the mix, that’s fine. Do the dress code, with your flair – whether that’s hippy, boho, preppy, country club, get your style on and wear it proudly. In fact, as long as you’re happy with your selection, no one else will care – pretty much like life.

Too casual for evening event? Not according to moi!

My choices – probably a tad casual, but I was within the bounds of acceptability, and I didn’t stress it, so I like to think it worked.

A brightly colored print dress with a pattern that reminded me of Murano glass. So, I was one of literally three women who didn’t have a black or near black ensemble. One was a young woman who wore teal (great with her coloring); the other, a woman of indeterminate age wearing a brightly colored jacket over black pants (hint: put that outfit in the back of the closet). At least I didn’t wear a leopard print dress – I know people who love that look. I don’t and certainly not at a work event.

Chocolate brown textured pumps? Black boots with a brown based dress? Or great dark carmel patent five inch platform heels with a peep toe and bare leg? Yep, you know it – very happy with my choice. I love being so tall! Glad I wasn’t the woman wearing summer sandals (not peep-toed pumps, real sandals) with hose!

shoes that justify bare legs, no matter the weather!

Bag – This I would probably re-do, but then I’d have to buy a bag … not that that would be a problem, I guess. I thought about an evening clutch, but decided on a brightly colored larger bag. Most women had small black bags. Yes, but could they fit all their crap in there – I don’t think so.

At the end of the day, no one else really cares what you’re wearing as long as you wear it with confidence and style. Smile, be friendly, chatter away and don’t annoy your significant other by pouting or looking obviously bored. The evening will be much more pleasant for all involved, I promise.

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One Response to Office Events – Dos and Don’ts

  1. Love the dress and the shoes! I’m taking your advice to heart as I hop from screening to screening in Oaxaca. Cheers

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