Enjoying the Caps Unbeaten Streak

It can’t last, of course, but the Caps unbeaten steak sure is nice. This past weekend’s battle of the last two unbeaten teams, the Caps and the Detroit Red Wings, was a letdown from a hockey aficionado’s perspective, but it was fun for the Caps fans!

Caps extend unbeaten streak

Yeah, the Caps are high scoring, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen seven goals in a game before. And against a team as good as Detroit … and they were good, too, at times. Skilled players like Pavel Datsyuk deking hapless defensemen and brilliant shots from the point from Lidstrom (1,500th game no less!) and Kronwall … I can’t wait for Carlson to learn that!

In fact, in the second, with the Caps up 3-0, the Redwings closed the gap on a 5-3 and then had another. You kind of got that feeling that if the Redwings scored, it would be a whole different game … and the video editor agreed, showing Al Pacino giving the “inches” speech.  Good thing the Caps carried the game!

How long will this streak last?  Not long enough, but I’m kicking back to enjoy in the meantime.

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