Moderation Key to Successful Weekend

A fun, activity packed weekend, but one watchword emerged: moderation.

G Love jamming away

G Love & Special Sauce on Friday at the 930 Club. Lots of fun, but way too warm. Wore a light, long sleeved shirt. Big mistake. Next time, wear tank top, no matter the weather outside. Fun time – G (as in Love) is extremely talented and versatile, with an eclectic style and great energy.  And, andI loved all the references to Philadelphia in his songs. Still, the heat just baked us, and we didn’t make it to an after-show event. Alas.

Saturday was probably the most evenly keeled day of the whirlwind weekend.

Another great dinner at Rasika, with a sea bass appetizer that was spectacular. Also new on the menu, a plantain appetizer that literally everyone asked about. Apparently, controversial, although no one would reveal their opinion. My verdict: good, not great. Probably something you would get as street food, in other words, certainly authentic. But pretty sure I would forego next time to try something else instead.

Then, slapstick in rhyme at the Shakespeare Theater, with cross dressing, fart jokes and a sweet little piglet named Peanut. What’s not to love?

The Heir Apparent

Sunday morning: Skins-Eagles showdown. Started off well, with bloody marys and bagels. Problem was ratio of bloody mary to bagel – too high and not enough food. Great time tailgating, while game was less so. Of course, the product on the field was in just as poor shape.  What a way to usher in the Beck era and bid farewell to Sexy Rexy, so one hopes.

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One Response to Moderation Key to Successful Weekend

  1. Maybe you should have shared those Bloody Mary’s with the Skins ahead of time. At least then it might have been entertaining.

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