Asheville Dining – A High Point, A Low One And Choices in Between

The food in Asheville is like the music scene – it’s everywhere, but there’s quite a range.

Some top notch, like Cucina 24, which featured creative antipasti with fresh, local ingredients. My favorites of the ones we sampled, were the green olives and the grilled beef kidneys and mushrooms. I know, sounds strange, but very flavorful. The beet salad and the white anchovies and cucumbers, on the other hand, were somewhat bland.

Veal sirloin

… some good, like brunch at Mayfel’s, which I found using Urban Spoon – proof that mobile apps can get you out of a jam anywhere. A casual, funky place with nice service and bountiful, comforting food – grits made into cakes and then fried … yumminess.

The highlight of brunch at Mayfel’s, though, was clearly the serve yourself Bloody Mary bar – what a truly brilliant idea. You get a tall glass with ice and vodka, and then go to the bar to add as much or as little tomato juice or spicy tomato juice, horseradish, limes, olives, okra, hot peppers, celery stalks, Worcestershire and tabasco. Each person getting their Bloody Mary exactly the way they like it. Make mine spicy and refreshing, please!

… and then there was the not so good, the food at Lexington Avenue Brewery for example. Nice server, but slooooow service, mediocre food and way too loud – what? did you say something? – even for a brewery. A contrast to our laid back afternoon at the Wedge, where we enjoyed conversation along with tasty burritos, tamales and microbrews.

The food at LAB was eh. The fish tacos apparently looked better than they tasted. My roasted chicken was good, not great. The main selling point was clearly the proximity to the main scene. In our case, the street festival and the people watching. Lots of people in costume (did I miss that memo somehow?) and a group of *very* young looking gals out for a bachelorette party.

So many food choices, not enough time (this trip) to try them out.

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