Arts, Music, Hippies – All Nestled in the Mountains of NC

Asheville, NC is a strange, but cool little place. If it were a movie set, the main characters would be a very pale, dark-haired art student wearing torn tights, chunky black boots, tattoo sleeves and black eyeliner; an aging hippie couple in matching ill-fitting ethnic tunics and sleeping in the back of their purple van from the 70s; and yuppie hipster wannabes, visiting for the long weekend to soak up the scene. I’ll leave you to figure out which roles G and I would have auditioned for …

There’s a certain end of the world quality there, like people who wanted to escape from life took off in their cars and drove until they got to, well, Asheville. But that stew of hipness and hippiness creates an arty culture that is home to coffee shops, microbrew-serving bars, street festivals and art galleries – on main streets, in alleys and in the River Arts District, along the railroad. It houses music of all sorts – electronica dance, gypsy klezmer, teen wannabe rockers, hip hop and more. And a healthy sprinkling of awkward teen dancing and courting as an accompaniment.

Among the highlights, ceramics at Hofman Studios, where the artist imprints beautiful antique lace patterns on ceramics and then fires them with gorgeous glazes:

Vases by Michael Hofman, in their new home

Close-up of lace pattern imprinted onto vase

… black and white photography at Castell Photography, a rarity in an art scene dominated by ceramics and painting (and of course music)

Curiosities displayed on opening night

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