Hunkering Down For the Hurricane

It’s only just started to drizzle in DC, and the anticipation is killing me.  How BIG is this thing going to be? Or is this going to be a big disappointment?

For all the emergency prep talk, last night turned out to be perfectly hurricane-free in DC, so no need to adjust my dinner outfit. My white cropped pants worked just fine – although tonight could be a different story. As a precaution, though, last night I wore 5 inch Stuart Weitzman sandals with an inch platform in the front – so I could walk through an inch of standing water and keep my feet dry, of course.

This morning at 9 am, I took the dogs out for a walk and picked up a newspaper. Here’s who I saw on the street: runners, bikers, people with dogs, people with toddlers. Everyone trying to get their last gasp of hurricane-free outdoor time, people with purpose.

Well, I’m ready. All the outlets in the house seem to be hooked up to some device or other. I’m downloading additional Kindle books – btw, Amazon started a flash sale of the day on a Kindle download, how cool is that? And most importantly, I have a batch of bloody Marys brewing in the fridge.  Very key for weathering the storm.

Perhaps I’ll move on to a playlist?

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