Hurricane Irene – DC Gets Twisted Up Over Possible Destruction

First, it was the earthquake (!?!) that shook up our afternoons, now it’s a hurricane? I think this is the Earth’s reaction to the horrible politics in DC …

What it really does is feed all of our egos and our love for drama. Oh no, you might be without power for days (emphasis on the word might). What if there’s no milk at the supermarket? Or more appropriate for DC, what will I do if I can’t get my fair trade organic [fill in the blank] at Whole Foods?

I’m sure we’ll all survive somehow. At the same time, it’s tough not to get caught up in the hype, so I’m charging my laptop and Kindle in case of a power outage – I’m reading Hunger Games, so how fitting is the dystopic theme? And I’ve peeked into the refrigerator to make sure we have food (we do).

More annoying, though, our weekend plans. Still heading to Oyamel tonight, but what to wear? Something that won’t get soaked? Guess white pants are out. But who wants to wear a cute dress that might get splashed as well? And what about footwear? See what I mean – and there I go getting swept up in the hurricane hysteria.

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