Returning to Asheville, 10 Years Later

I’ve only been to Asheville, NC, once, and it was 10 years ago – memorable, because it was a friend’s wedding, but more so because it was the first weekend after September 11. Our flight from DC had been canceled of course, but we decided to make the 7 hour drive. We needed to get away from DC and as corny as it sounds, we wanted to be with friends and we wanted to celebrate life and living. As Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins say in Shawshank Redemption, Get busy living, or get busy dying.

So almost exactly 10 years later, we’ll be driving down to Asheville again. Last time, we met with a flat tire an hour outside of DC – so fitting for the time. We were there and back in a blur, with a tour of Biltmore and a quick huddle with friends in between.

This time, we’ll be celebrating the opening of a friend’s photography show at a gallery. My guess is we won’t be so shellshocked, and we’ll be in more of a mood to explore the city, shops and galleries. I know I’m excited to actually experience the city.

It’ll certainly be nice to get away from the heat and swampiness of DC and the general summer malaise. I write that while listening to the distant rumble of thunder … and wondering where my summer has gone.

In a blur, summer has gone by … and so has 10 years.

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