Oh Fish! Oh My, A Fun Change of Pace For Lunch

I envy people who can eat the same thing for lunch every day. Me? I get in a food rut, and I have to have something different. No matter how hungry I am, I physically cannot eat the same thing – again. The solution? Oh Fish! a new concept in sushi dining.

Technology has made it possible for each person to customize their stuff – their own music station on Pandora, Spotify or whatever newest service is around, sites like SB Nation where you can customize your sports reading, and you have only to look at politics to see that you can congregate where people think just like you. So why not a place that serves sushi “just for you?”

The concept is great – customizable sushi, mix and match, hold the pickles, extra salsa please. Of course, I also love Kaz Sushi Bistro, Chef Kaz Okochi’s flagship restaurant, as well as his Masa 14 with its Asian-Latin fusion flair. In other words, my expectations for Oh Fish! were high, even if I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like.

You go in, and it’s a pristine takeout restaurant, with scattered high tables and stools. Chef Kaz was monitoring things behind the counter, but I didn’t want to get totally geeked out and say Hi. After all, the man has a restaurant to get off the ground.

There are baskets of clipboards and pencils, and that’s where you get started. In a weird way, it reminded me of Potbelly – regular or skinny? (skinny). Tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, spicy salmon, smoked salmon, crab stick, shrimp salad, eel or veggie – again kinda like Potbelly where you decide on turkey, ham, chicken salad, etc.

Make your own sushi at Oh Fish!

So you pick a size, a fish, vegetables and toppings. My first foray – skinny salmon with cilantro, picked pineapple and cucumber, sprinkled with spicy Japanese red pepper on tofu soy sauce. I didn’t even know what each of the ingredients was, really, much less how they would taste together. Verdict: tasty, would order it again.

Mostly, the roll had great texture and was anchored by very fresh salmon. The red pepper had a nice smoky kick, and tofu soy sauce turned out to be a thicker, taupe colored variation on traditional soy. My order consisted of eight pieces of my customized roll – I watched them make it in front of me, and I paired it with a delicious and bountiful seaweed salad. Tasty, and in the era of Michelle Obama and attention to healthy eating, nutritious, but also filling.

A few days later, I tried again, this time, skinny spicy tuna with cilantro (it’s a winner!) avocado and asparagus, topped with spicy Japanese red pepper (another winner) over tofu soy sauce (what can I say, I seem to appreciate the taste). Instead of the seaweed salad, I opted for miso soup – which was dispensed from a machine (how cool!) and edamame. Again, a winning combo for lunch.

So it’s probably a tad more than I would spend normally for lunch – rolls range from $8-9 with additional for the add-ons – but well worth it. The only downside is that one day, I will invariably order a combo that’s not so tasty, but until then, Oh Fish! is the place to be.

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  1. okay really, must you torture your friends in less urban areas?

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