Is The Lockout Over Or What – I Need To Get Dates in My Calendar!

It’s not clear (yet) whether the lockout is really over – D Smith says there is no deal – but I’ve started putting the dates into my calendar. In other words, it’s real! Almost.

One potential conflict already – ‘Skins opening day (vs. Giants no less) is same day as Nation’s Tri. Guess G won’t be going with me. I’ll be getting up early that morning to watch him race, then nap, then game.  Sounds like a plan!!

Other dates circled: Dallas game before Thanksgiving (11/20), of course.

Eagles games – October 16 game here should be fun, but key one is January 1 in Philadelphia.  And the Flyers are hosting the Winter Classic the next day … Now that’s a fun, but cold, time.

Might as well try to make it 3 Winter Classics in a row, right? Even though after 2010 at Fenway I said I didn’t need to go to another – unless it was Caps … and especially if it was Caps-Pens … But I might make an exception for a new year’s one-two punch for G’s team. We could carbo load on pasta in South Philly in between to recover.

I’m getting cold just thinking about it, and that’s saying something since it’s 93 degrees outside right now. Or maybe those goosebumps are from excitement – the season’s about to be back on.  (I hope!)

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