Central, A Casual Gem

I wish there were more places like Central – good food, good (and appropriately priced) wine list, casual atmosphere, not at all fussy. The only issue is that everyone else seems to feel the same way, so it can be tough to get a reservation.

What else I loved: my salad, a heaping bowl of fresh greens tossed in a mustardy vinaigrette, perfect for the hot July summer.

Mixed green salad at Central

Also, the rotisserie chicken – juicy, well-flavored, and very generous portion, with a side of “sauce” made of oven drippings. G chose the fried chicken and ate up every last bit, including scraping up the buttery mashed potatoes.

Rotisserie chicken with a delicious sauce

While we’re at it, what’s this chicken kick we’re on? I used to never order chicken. After all, that’s the staple at home. But as G points out, at home, you eat chicken at home when you just need sustenance, as in “I’m hungry, I’ll just grill some chicken.” It’s fast, easy and nutritious.

But at a restaurant – especially a French bistro like Central – they respect the chicken and rub it with spices and flavors, press it and pamper it, then roast it carefully so it’s perfect. Even with Michel Richard’s recipe and a fancy free-range organic bird from the Dupont farmers’ market, there’s no way I could come close to replicating the taste.

Sometimes, you just need to call in the professionals!

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