Graffiato, A Fun New Addition to Verizon Center Neighborhood

After much anticipation, Graffiato, Top Chef Mike Isabella‘s new place, has finally opened! We went to the soft opening on Monday, and sampled, oh like half the menu. I was seriously over-full after that feast.

Graffiato by Mike Isabella, soft opening

Here’s the deal:

Food – Very good. Chicken in pepperoni sauce, spaghetti with tomato sauce, grilled octopus and stretched mozarella were probably my favorites. Several others were solid – flavorful and nicely constructed. Then there were one or two that I didn’t quite get, maybe a tad sweet for my palate.

Chicken thighs confit in pepperoni sauce

Spaghetti in tomato sauce

Grilled octopus with artichokes and fava beans

Stretched mozarella - wonderful chewy texture

Drinks – Apparently, Graffiato secured its liquor license just an hour before opening on Monday night, so the selection was limited. That said, I had a chilly and bubbly glass of prosecco from the prosecco on tap (genius!) which hit the spot on a hot, humid day. Upstairs, I had the Sofia, bubbly in a can, also tasty, and a fun presentation.

Prosecco at the bar

Sofia, as in Copolla, bubbly in a can

Ribs with yogurt sauce

Other good dishes:

Sampling of prosciutto, hams and speck, all locally sourced

Meatballs on polenta and poached egg - table says "terrific," I just don't do egg yolk

The "Vermont" grilled leek and bacon pizza, a fan favorite

Beet salad - yummy if you like beets, which I do

Now, the not so favorites …

Sweet corn agnoletti, great pasta and sauce, but filling a bit too, well, sweet

Penne with lamb and mushroom, decent but not special

White pizza - but instead of olive oil on top, it's honey - yeesh!

Carrot cake of sorts

We really didn’t need dessert. Dark chocolate tart with salt sorbet (interesting) and a deconstructed carrot cake mousse with cream cheese topping. Not bad, but maybe we were just too sated by the evening.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience. Of course, next time, we won’t eat *everything* on the menu.

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One Response to Graffiato, A Fun New Addition to Verizon Center Neighborhood

  1. Teresa Bruce says:

    Yay – it’s open. We have to go next time we’re in town, so don’t get sick of it anytime soon!

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