Impromptu Evening at Corduroy

In an odd coincidence, we ended up at Corduroy last weekend, almost exactly a year after we last dined there. Of course, after our dinner last year, we vowed we would try to be hipsters who dined at the bar at Corduroy to make it part of our regular rotation … instead, it took a year for us to get there.  The funny thing is, G and I ordered the same appetizers a year later, only this time, he ordered the soft shell crab and I had the lobster:

Lobster carpaccio

My lobster carpaccio was delicate and so thinly sliced it melted in my mouth. Was it raw? It must have been. It just tasted of lobster with a capital L, seasoned with drawn butter. Delicious.

G’s softshell crab appetizer was lightly battered in shredded phyllo, served atop a bountiful salad. It looked as fresh and crisp as I remember.

The food was terrific, some of the best cooking in DC.  The service, while friendly, left something to be desired. Our server was entertaining and suitably chatty, but there was a noticeable wait between appetizer and main course, and then again quite a wait for our check. Alas. They looked to be short-staffed in the diningroom. At a restaurant of that caliber? On a Friday night? No excuse for not offering at least attentive and timely service.

softshell crab appetizer

We had been waiting so long for our main courses that we started to get hungry again, and so opted for dessert and drinks afterwards.

I had never seen a Condrieu as a dessert wine, but this one was floral, perfume-y and sweet, a late harvest, I would guess. It went nicely with our (Pennsylvania) strawberry tart, so ripe the berries where just on this side of overripe, incredibly sweet and almost starting to become a strawberry wine.

I’m still eager to go back – the food is terrific, the ingredients very high quality and bursting with flavor – but the delays in the service definitely make me think twice.

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