How I Love DC On A Long-Weekend

Memorial Day. The beginning of summer. Beach weekends. Dining al fresco. Cocktails, beers and white wine in the backyard.  Of course, there’s also Deep Woods Off and mosquito season, ponytails, tank tops that masquerade as office wear (under a cardigan, of course!), flip flops and sweaty dogs.  Ah, summer.

The best part, though, is being in the city during a long weekend. It’s not that I’m anti-social, but clearly this is a theme.  I love having the city to myself.

It means getting into popular places at the last minute – no long annoying waits.  The farmer’s market is less congested as well.  You can actually park to run errands or just wander around without running into hoardes of people. And those of us left behind seem all in a better mood, like we’re in on a secret – which we are.

On the other hand, you can also get caught behind lots of bikers in for Rolling Thunder (as I was headed to get my hair cut). And for some odd reason Metro is on huge construction delays. There was also an unexpected (for me) protest against the Assad regime in Syria, up Massachusetts Avenue …

So yes, there are still plenty of people in town, but the relative emptiness and slower pace remind me how much I enjoy this city on a long weekend.

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