Tom Colicchio Crafts Brunch

We were looking for a brunch place and more or less stumbled (electronically) on Craftbar, Tom Colicchio’s casual dining establishment. The weather had turned surprisingly cool, and those of us without jackets were happy to seek refuge indoors.

Service was extremely friendly, and our server didn’t blink an eye when I asked about an egg white only variation on my dish. The only downer, no cocktails until noon, and it was only about 11:30. Sigh, really could have used a Bloody Mary.

My open face CLT sandwich – softshell crab, arugula (lettuce) and marinated/roasted tomato – topped with softly scrambled fried egg white, was quite tasty. Even eating just one piece of the ciabatta bread, I was stuffed to the gills.

open-faced CLT sandwich by Craft bar

G’s pork belly with grits also looked delicious. The only part that seemed less than ideal was the poached egg (with egg yolk), but he scooped up the whole thing.

G ordered the cinnamon buns, which due to a small blip with the kitchen came after our entrees. But a small taste of the buttery sweetness was the perfect finish to brunch. I’m just glad he didn’t order the pastry sampler – I think he was tempted for, oh 30 seconds or so. But even for G the constant calorie burner, that would have been too much.

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