Getting Ready For Sleep No More

What to wear to a play, that’s a fair question, isn’t it?  Especially when one is expected to walk through the play, rather than sit back and watch it.

When I first read reviews of Sleep No More, I thought it sounded like weird performance art in a haunted house, with Venetian masks and capes, a la Eyes Wide Shut.  Then again, when are you ever going to see anything like it, right?

But back to the question of what to wear – normally I would say cute shoes for a night out, but here you might be walking in them, stumbling about in the dark for 2-3 hours, so Merrells?  It’s a good thing the theater already anticipated that question.

Here are guidelines for attending the performance:

Sleep No More

More to come. If only I can figure out how to livestream the whole thing …!

[Note: Having attended, here are my recommendations: definitely wear comfortable shoes. You want to be looking around at actors and sets, not the floor. Also, ask your companion to wear something that stands out a bit. At one point, I “lost” G, then looked around to see a bunch of guys wearing blue striped shirts …! I couldn’t quite tell which one he was – blue shirt with black stripe? pinstripe? red accent? Until one guy waved to me – good thing it wasn’t a stalker!]

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One Response to Getting Ready For Sleep No More

  1. Silviano says:

    Definitely wear comfortable shoes, and get plenty of rest before going to a late performance, we went to a 11pm performance without knowing much, had to leave early because we were so tired.
    Wear contacts. I started getting a headache with my glasses on, had to take them off, sometimes we got caught behind a lot of others and had a hard time watching some of the performances.

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