Mother’s Day Dysfunction

Tolstoy famously declared that Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.  I suppose the same can be said for dysfunctional families.

Mother’s Day brings to the forefront the particular brand of dysfunction my in-laws exhibit.  It’s probably best summed up by the word miscommunication, or in this case, lack of communication.

Like many women, I handle the Mother’s Day gifts for both moms, usually flowers, with specific preferences on types, colors, etc., for each.

This year, a wrinkle in the time-tested plan.  My in-laws moved, and we don’t have their new address. In a further twist, they bought their old house back (there’s a subliminal message here about wanting to relive the past ….), but somehow the same house has a new street address.  What to do?

Perhaps you think I would call them?  Instead, I emailed G’s brother, who doesn’t respond.  I probably have the wrong email address or he’s been traveling and hasn’t gotten back to me.  But time is getting short, and I need to place the order – it’s that or (gasp!) an emailed gift certificate.

I emailed my brother in law’s partner, my bro-in-law.  (Note: G thought this was the best route to get the information all along.)  He writes me back right away – don’t have it, but I’ll ask.  He asks G’s brother, who doesn’t have the address either.  G’s brother calls their mother to get the new address then sends it to me via email.  Et, voila! Now I can send this lovely bouquet in time for Sunday.

Purple lisianthus bouquet for my MIL

My obvious question, and within the context of familial dysfunction, this is the only obvious question:  if the brothers-in-law didn’t have the address either, they weren’t planning to send a gift or card?

All clear until her birthday … thinking of a reprise – the spa gift certificate …

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