What Color is Your Parachute aka Which Cap Are You Like?

I could never resist these types of quizzes.  Maybe it comes from a lifetime of browsing women’s magazines, but yes, I want to know what type of shoe I would be, which Disney princess I would be, which tree I would be, what kind of dog I would be, which OC character I am, my MBTI, etc., etc.

So while the Caps wait to see who they’ll face in round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I’m busy seeing which Cap I’m most like.  As I write this and the Flyers go up 3-0, I’m pretty sure Caps won’t be facing Buffalo next round …

Here’s what I like about silly quizzes like this one – the questions are just grounded (barely) in enough fact to make the result seem plausible.  Question 1, and I paraphrase, if you were playing offensively, how would you play?  Control the puck and dish to your teammate (aka Backstrom), crash the net, dig pucks out of the corners, okay, yes, that makes you like a certain player.  Question 2, how would you play defensively, take out other players, take away space, etc.? Again, you can be similar to a Cap.

What is your first car like?  Yeesh, well, I might have wanted it to be fast and flashy (Ovie or Sasha, anyone?) but I was poor, so more like a solid Honda – but does that reflect me, or my reality?

What’s my favorite food? Guess it depends.  On a nice summer day, burger and beer.  To watch a game, probably pizza.  After I’ve been feasting too much and need to detox, probably sushi.

So what was my response?  Well I can tell you I did NOT post it to my Facebook wall.  And when I looked at the comments on the quiz, I was sad to see lots of people excited that they were most like Nicky or Ovie.  Or Greenie or Brooksie.

But no one bragged that they were a Carly.

Maybe that’s because we’re too busy driving Audis, eating our steaks and shooting from the point, top shelf glove side.  We’re a unique breed – not everyone can be a real American hero!

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