Newsflash – Caps Don’t (Need To) Go 7 in Playoffs

It’s nice to get first round of the playoffs out of the way – and to win in 5.

Yes, Caps fans, the Stanley Cup playoffs don’t always go seven games. Although in the Bruce Boudreau era, the Caps have always gone 7 in their playoff series … with 3 losses (all at home) and only 1 win in 2009 vs. Rangers … I like the killer instinct this time.

Not that this was an easy series.  Caps won in 5, but 2 of the games went to overtime, and even the loss in New York was only by 1.  Only game 2 and this one, game 5, were ones where the Caps seemed to be cruising.  On paper, of course, the Caps outclassed the Rangers, but games – and series – are won on the ice, and that’s where the Caps had run into trouble in the past.

Now, we get to watch the rest of the East.  Everyone else is going at least 6 games, and I’ll certainly be routing for all the games to go 7, so our players get time to recover while theirs get more worn down.  Of course, even the extra days off may not help Knuble – or Green – Another puck to the head. Yikes.

So who do I want the Caps to play in the second round?  Lots of good storylines.

  • #7 Buffalo … first Lundqvist now Ryan Miller?  Yeesh, but who else do they have?
  • #6 Montreal … a rematch of last year, would be good to get some vindication.  And yes, see Assistant Coach Hottie (aka Kirk Muller) behind the bench.
  • #5 Tampa Bay … a good divisional rival and Sasha has a special place in his heart for Stamkos, so that might be fun.  Although in comparison to the other potential matchups, not as exciting for this Caps fan.
  • #4 Pittsburgh … even without Crosby and Malkin, still a blood feud.

In any case, we can sit back and relax for a few days while we watch other series play out.

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