Caps Grind Out Win to Take 2-0 Lead

It had been 352 days since I’d been at a Caps playoff game. I know this because I found my Stanley Cup playoff round 1 game 7 ticket from last year in the purse I was taking to the game.  It made me hesitate.  After all, I take fan superstition very seriously.

Then again, the last Caps playoff win I’d been at was against the Rangers – game 7 overtime win in 2009.  So maybe I’m good luck against the Rangers?  I grabbed the purse and went.  But I also wore my Winter Classic shirt under my #74 Carlson for extra luck.

This 2-0 win to take a 2-0 lead against the Rangers was huge.  This is only the second time under Bruce Boudreau that the Caps have been up 2-0 in a playoffs series.  Keep in mind that the Caps have been the higher seed in each series …

So the fans knew how important it would be to go up 2-0.  Verizon Center was LOUD, it was red, and everyone was fired up.

Red clad crowd at Verizon Center

The game was tight in the first, but then the Caps scored two quick goals in less than 2 minutes, and that was it.  The Rangers never really got close after that, and they seemed demoralized.  As a fan, of course, that’s when you really pour it on.

“Lund-qvist, Lund-qvist”  Although that chant made me nervous.  I mean, he’s good.

I was more comfortable with  “Avery sucks”.  I don’t get it.  He’s just an annoying gnat. Why do attractive actresses date him?  And is he as much an a-hole in real life as he is on the ice?  Somehow, I don’t think it’s all an act.

So what’s different about this year?  The team is playing disciplined, and the guys aren’t panicking when they don’t score.  Looking back, though, I think the turning point is going to be acquiring Jason Arnott.

The difference maker?

Arnott is good.  He has a nose for the puck – he’s not just chasing the puck, he’s in a position to get a pass from his linemates so he can score.  And he’s won a Stanley Cup (as in he personally won it).  On a team that played tight defense.  So he’s comfortable winning games 2-1 or 2-0.  And so are the Caps.

Caps hold serve, now to MSG

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