Other Random Photos of Paris

Here are some fun photos from our quick jaunt abroad.

We went to Saint Chapelle our first day in Paris.  The forecast also said it would be the sunniest, so off we went.  The windows there are as spectacular as I remembered, even more so because they are being restored.

Stained glass windows at St. Chapelle

restored stained glass at St. Chapelle

What a difference looking at an unrestored window (also as the light started to fade).

unrestored stained glass

Other finds included this little Gothic gem, St. Germaine l’Auxerrois

St. Germaine l'Auxerrois

The classic Metro sign, our view while waiting in line for the catacombs.

Paris Metro

Catacombs everywhere = long lines and usually somewhat disappointing.  This was cool, albeit very creepy.  The bones were all moved to this space from cemeteries around the city.  Yuck.  Think about the person who stacked these up into perfect patterns and arches.

Paris Catacombs - creepy!

We also went back to Invalides, G’s favorite spot in the entire city.  I’ll say this, they have upgraded the exhibits since I was last there in the early 1990s!  I loved the color coded map in each room of the Napoleonic rooms, showing the shifting alliances.  Also, just loved how Central Europe was a mess of principalities and duchies, most of which I could not find if it were not for the map.  To think that was not so long ago even.  Mostly, I like the narrated interactives showing Austerlitz, Waterloo and other key battles.  It certainly helps explain what happened and why.

So while the main sites in Paris haven’t changed, they’ve been (majorly) upgraded.

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One Response to Other Random Photos of Paris

  1. Wow – I wonder what sites need upgrades here in the U.S….

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