Le Reminet, Great Left Bank Find – If You Can Find It

We probably had our best meal in Paris at Le Reminet – the trick is finding it.

It’s a tiny little restaurant, on a two block access road on the Left Bank.  We were lucky and found it relatively quickly although we allowed ourselves plenty of time to stumble around the labyrinthian little alleys.  Our quest was not helped by the drizzle or the scaffolding that partially obscured the sign … but we met with success.

Le Reminet, fabulous Left Bank bistro

The restaurant is tiny!  It’s dimly lit with about 30 seats squeezed into a space that might seat half that, and what seemed to be a private room in the wine cellar for a larger party.

The downside: you really are dining with random strangers.  In our case, a date, complete with lots of Freudian analysis and angst.  But it was a minor distraction, particularly once the food came out.

The upside: The food was very good and at an amazing price.  We each had three courses, but if I’d been able to manage, I’d have tried the gourmand, which is two starters, two mains and a dessert, for something like 55E, where they could have charged five times that. No seriously.  I wish I could have eaten that much food.  As it was, we loved it.

Other highlights:

  • Best tasting – the mignonette sauce for my oysters.  Such a burst of flavor, spicy but not overwhelming.  Tangy, but balanced.  Really terrific.  I think the secret was the red wine vinegar?  Maybe it’s aged (good) bourgogne …
  • My main was an excellent lupe de mer, otherwise known as monkfish, which apparently is also known as the poor man’s lobster …
  • Best presentation of the evening went to the dessert of chocolate made multiple ways.
  • Charming service, with one waiter who spoke perfect English and an older gentleman who only spoke French but was so nice – I think he was Monsieur Le Reminet.

It’s the kind of place that’s a great find, perfect for a romantic dinner.  My prediction:  Le Reminet is going to get some major investors and move to a swanky location right on the Seine and add a zero to its prices.

Get there before that happens!

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