Lunch for Three at Le Meurice

Sure, we stank from the 2.5 hour delay, the flight over from Dulles, a brisk 15 minute walk in the mid-day sun before we realized just how far away we were from the restaurant and sensibly flagged a cab, but the staff at Le Meurice could not have been nicer to us.  They pampered us for 3+ hours, attentive without being annoying, anticipating every need.  Example: the minute I stood up, a member of the staff helpfully escorted me through the bustling lobby – just how did he know I was going to ask for directions to the ladies room?  I should have known what to expect when they brought a lovely perch for my purse.

The third member of our luncheon party

Sounds excessive, right?  But somehow it wasn’t stuffy or forced.  It simply fit the lavish setting.  The staff pulled it off – gracious service to match a gorgeous setting and beautifully prepared classic French cuisine with interesting and innovative twists along the way.

Dining room at Le Meurice

Officially, it was a three course meal, but that wasn’t counting the assortment of four amuse bouches, my favorite probably the cod ceviche in a citrusy broth (please sip this one, we were instructed).  Or the pre-dessert desserts, all of which didn’t quite leave me enough room for the flaky apple pastry that was the main dessert.  Let’s just say we didn’t leave hungry.

What was the best surprise of the meal….

  • that I loved the entree of rabbit (????) that was magically de-boned by a carving specialist tableside …
  • that I raved about the mashed potatoes (of all things!) that were sweet, creamy, buttery and potato-y without being the least bit cloying …
  • that we seemed to be lunching with a French celebrity (looked like a footballer to me) and his girlfriend?  We must have been the only ones who didn’t know who he was …
  • that our fabulously innovative (and very handsome) chef, Yannick Alleno, came by to chat with us to make sure we liked our meal …
  • Or that the staff arrange for the bright 65 degree sunny day as well?

All of the above, of course!

lobby at Le Meurice

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