Nora – Very Good, But Oddly Makes Me Think of My In-Laws

I was pleasantly surprised.  The food was quite good.  The wine list was almost all French – snob that I am, I loved that.  So all these years, I had snubbed Nora for no good reason.

The space is big.  It looks like a small corner from the outside, but it seems to go on forever inside.  A cozy bar when you walk in and a nice table in the window.  Then you walk up a few stairs to the main dining room.  There look to be two – or maybe more – private rooms along the side.

At a time when every other restaurant seems focused on stuffing in as many diners as possible, Nora was refreshing.  We were seated at our table – not in the lap of the people next to us.  It was appropriately dimly lit (with great track lighting from Artemide or one its brethren  – I think we’d looked at these lights at Illuminations).

The walls were decorated with framed quilts – so that made me think of my MIL.  She would love this place – for the quilts alone.

The crowd was younger than I would have thought.  A few couples and groups celebrating birthdays.  Yes, I tried to convince G to say it was his birthday so we could get a sorbet sundae with a candle … alas.  The dress code says “business casual” which I took to mean no jeans, but there was a young man in a t-shirt and workout pants.  To be fair, he had very nice arms …

The best dish was probably dessert, which is odd for me to say because I’m not a huge dessert person.  Perfect texture, great balance of salt and sweet.

salty caramel cheesecake at Nora

My appetizer of beet salad was delicious – so fresh, perfectly composed.

Beet salad

My main, a steak, was good, but not great.  That’s probably my fault – if you want a steak, go to a steak place!  And I didn’t love the pairing with sweet potatoes, although the sweet potatoes were amazing … Meanwhile, G was practically licking up his ceramic cassoulet dish – I guess a tad better than the one I made a few weeks back …

ribeye mignon with sweet potato mash

Our wine, an Esprit de Beaucastel, was a great match with the food. Not so powerful as a Beaucastel, a bit more tempered, and so good with steak as well as cassoulet.

Not sure why we waited so long.  Next visit?  Most likely with my in-laws.

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One Response to Nora – Very Good, But Oddly Makes Me Think of My In-Laws

  1. Teresa Bruce says:

    Even with no lighting, your words made it look delicious.

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