Boudreau Must Go

There, I’ve said it.  He’s done a great job with a group of talented, exuberant kids and melded them into a team.  He’s taught them to score and have fun, but he’s hit his limit.  He’s done as much as he can.  In fact, now the Caps have regressed.

Defense is great and all, but look at the scores.  Goals for and against are almost even. And it’s not like we’re losing 5-4, we’re losing low scoring games where we can’t score.

How ironic coming off last year when the Caps broke all sorts of scoring records.

Now we’re getting blown out – against teams like the Rangers, a solid playoff team, but not a great team by any means, and one missing their two best skaters last night.  As of last night, the Caps are averaging 2.7 goals this year, which is 1 goal a game less than last year.  Many more games against the Rangers and that goals against average will be even lower.

It’s like we never broke out of the scoring slump from the playoffs last year.  All that scoring came to a screeching halt after game 4 in Montreal.  A timely goal or two in the playoffs and … well, you get the point.  And the team hasn’t really been able to score since then.

Of course!  the solution is to play defense (!) Why didn’t I think of that?  Here’s a thought: How about getting the team to score some more or figuring out what to do on the powerplay?  Hint:  it’s not “do the same thing, just keep at it, the goals will come.”

So, why are some coaches championship caliber while others aren’t?  Who knows.  So Doug Collins coached Michael Jordan and company for years, but it wasn’t until Phil Jackson, his assistant, took over that the Bulls won their championships.  Or look at Marty Schottenheimer – great regular season coach, always making the playoffs (except with the Redskins, of course) but in the playoffs … zilch.

The trade deadline is coming up, with rumors aplenty, and as much as GMGM may try to do something before it’s too late this season, I think there’s only one move he can make to save the season.

Fire Boudreau.

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