Picasso Guitars at MOMA – A New Perspective

Did your parents save your “art” from when you were a kid?  Let’s just say that Picasso’s collages put all of ours to shame.

MOMA just kicked off a four-month exhibit of Picasso’s experimentation with mixed-media, sketches, photographs, collages and more as he explored the guitar theme.  I think most – or at least many – of us think of Picasso as a “painter,” but the exhibit featured no paint, just items we have around the house – newspaper, cardboard, string, pins, wallpaper, and my favorite, a particular shade of blue “construction paper.”  What he does with the items, how he uses charcoal drawing to connect the pieces into one theme, is pretty cool.

The stars of the show, of course, are the three-dimensional guitars, one made from cardboard, and the other from “ferrous” paper, some type of metal sheet.  My favorite, though, was probably the photo of the artist’s studio – with various sketches tacked onto the wall, truly a window into the exploration of the theme.

The exhibit runs through June 6 – definitely stop by to see it if you’re in New York.

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