Firefly, A Warm, Cozy Sanctuary From The Cold

I stepped out of the blustery evening, into Firefly and was smacked by sensory overload – of the olfactory kind mostly. The restaurant and lounge was warm, dimly lit, cozy, surprisingly packed, but mostly, it was wonderful smelling …. something comforting and tasty, vaguely of butter or oil, but not overwhelming, just the light, fresh and persistent smell of deliciousness.

The scent was truffle oil – we had empirical evidence.  The scent in the restaurant was the same one emanating from our large cone of truffled fries.  Absolutely heavenly.

In addition, we had a plate of fried oysters, which were crispy and flavorful, with a soft burst of juicy oyster in the middle.  Terrific bar food.  Great munchies for our glasses of red wine.

Best of all, it was Ladies’ Night on Wednesday (who knew!), which meant our drinks were half-priced!  I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next girls night out.

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