Caps Guest Services Put Offensive Fans on Notice

I love good, creative heckling at a sporting event as much as anyone.  I even enjoy the occasional cruel taunt, like calling Sidney Crosby “Cindy Crybaby.” But prolonged strings of profanity, with nothing clever or funny – yuck.  Especially if it’s coming from a loud voice right behind me.

We had been enjoying last night’s Caps-Canadiens game – first period was indeed a throwback to when the Caps knew how to score and knock their opponents back on their heels – when a foursome of high school students sat down behind us.  We’d seen these Caps fans before …

Almost immediately, one of the guys starts shouting at the Habs’ bench.  He pretty much went down the bench, F— this person and F—that one.  This one’s a bitch.  Another guy is stupid.  So on and so forth.  It’s not like the Canadiens really have a star player to focus on, but our exuberant Caps fan is leaving no one on the bench behind in his profanity-laced rants.  Not to sound like an old lady, but where are their parents?!!!

G decides to text Caps guest services.  But where’s the number?  Unlike FedEx Field, where the text for unruly fans is posted prominently, Verizon Center didn’t have the number anywhere.  I looked on my phone – I had taken this photo of the number at a game when I first saw it.

How to get help at the Caps game

G got a text back from Caps guest services almost immediately.  They would address the issue right away – and they did, because as the second period started, we heard our profane friends mention that as they left the section at the break, they were pulled aside.  There were complaints about their row.  It seemed to work, because until the very last minutes of overtime and the shootout, we enjoyed a profanity-free game.  Lots of rooting for the Caps, but no senseless cursing.

Very prompt response by the Caps, and also very appropriate.  It wasn’t confrontational at all – I’ve seen unruly Redskins fans get very hostile when security goes to chat with them – but they delivered the message.  Well done and kudos!

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3 Responses to Caps Guest Services Put Offensive Fans on Notice

  1. Craig says:

    I think we were in the same section that night – 428?

  2. Wow – that’s the best use of texting I think I’ve ever come across. Yeah for anonymity!

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