Cajun Experience in Dupont Circle – A Neighborhood Find?

We’d seen the large red banner on 18th Street, just down from Lauriol Plaza, announcing a new restaurant in the neighborhood – Cajun Experience.  How would it be?

We walked in around 7 on Sunday night.  The 50 seat restaurant was about half full and filling up.  It was bright and cheerful, not at all like Inti, the previous restaurant.

The menu was abbreviated – they had just opened a few days ago – but that was fine with me since they had po’ boys, gumbo and jambalaya.  In other words, the classics.

I had a generous portion of seafood jambalaya, with a piece of garlic bread and a round scoop of mashed potatoes with juicy bits of pickle mixed in, so kind of like a tangy potato salad.  The jambalaya was spicy, but not overwhelming so.  The Abita amber went perfectly with it.  (I never thought of jambalaya as beer food, but it really is.)  And even though I was stuffed to the gills, we decided to try the Cafe du Monde beignets for dessert.

Bottom line:  Good food with generous portions, very reasonable prices, nice wait staff, good selection of Abita beers and seemingly good drinks (I’ll have to try the dark and stormy next time).  I’d say it’s a keeper.

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