Who Are You Rooting for in the Super Bowl?

If you’re from Wisconsin or Western Pennsylvania, the answer is easy.  If you’re a fan of a rival team, say the Chicago Bears or Cleveland Browns, you’d probably choose the team that’s not your team’s main rival.  You can go AFC vs. NFC.  Or maybe pull for the team that has a star player who went to your college …

For the rest of us non-Packers, non-Steelers football fans who haven’t had personal encounters, no matter how brief, with any of the players, the answer is a little tougher.  But there are so many options, here are 10:

  • You like aggressive defense and a good running game – Okay, this actually fits both teams, but if this is your style of play, you’re probably leaning Steelers.
  • You like the underdog – Packers.  Would be first time a #6 seed in the NFC won the whole thing.
  • You like football tradition – a push, lots of good football traditions for both sides.
  • You like originals – Packers won Super Bowls I & II.
  • You like winners – argument to be made for both, but Steelers have won more Super Bowls (6) than any other team.
  • You think momentum is the key to the big game – Probably Packers with their big run in the playoffs.
  • You like QBs who “always” seem to get last second wins – Steelers.  Roethlisberger perhaps the best at this – see Super Bowl XLIII.
  • You’re a feminist – Packers.  Can’t support a team with a QB who’s an accused, recidivist rapist or conversely, you can because he’s one of the best at what he does.
  • You support diversity in the workplace – Rooney Rule says it all – Steelers.
  • You think young people should be given the chance to lead – Mike Tomlin at only 38 is the youngest head coach to get to two Super Bowls.  He already holds the record for youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl. (wow, that makes me depressed about all my “accomplishments” …)

Each line of thinking compelling in its own right.  But I think this Redskins fan is going to cheer for her team, as in cheer for the Packers.  Then I could say that my crappy 6-10 team beat the Super Bowl champs, so really, the ‘Skins are the best team out there.

Besides, I think Aaron Rodgers is kinda cute.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers-Cardinals, courtesy of UPI

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