When Current Events Threaten Overthrow of Vacation Plans

While I support the overthrow of despotic governments abroad – or here at home (!) – I have to admit feeling vexed when those movements interfere with plans for our annual vacation.

We had been thinking about the Middle East, but now it looks like Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution may be sparking unrest in Egypt, Lebanon and perhaps elsewhere.  As a friend commented, couldn’t they just postpone the demonstrations and uprisings for 6-9 months?

Russia in June has long been on my list – since the Berlin Wall fell, in fact – but this week’s Moscow airport suicide bombing means moving a Russia trip back down the list.

Let’s face it, postcolonial/postCommunist dictatorships can make nice vacation spots – or even homes for American expats.  Much less pleasant if you’re a citizen and therefore subject to the whims (and oppressions) of the dictatorship.

That said, as a tourist, it’s fairly enjoyable, reasonably priced and safe.  After all, they want your tourist dollars. That was certainly the case when we visited Tunisia a few years ago.

Cap Bon, Tunisia

Sun setting in the Sahara

Rocky terrain in central part of Tunisia

Even our trips to Argentina post-economic meltdowns have been nice.  The only blip there was arriving just before their (uneventful) election.  The law mandates no selling of alcohol for the 24 hours prior to a national election –  I guess you want to keep the voters sober.

Then again, with all the wide boulevards in Buenos Aires, it’s easy to see how a mob of people can form … Though as G pointed out, same wide boulevards good for rolling tanks against demonstrators.  Does city planning influence the political dynamic?  Interesting …

At any rate, I’m keeping an eye on the international news as I scope out a destination vacation this year.

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One Response to When Current Events Threaten Overthrow of Vacation Plans

  1. Mexico during the “swine flu” scare was an awesome place for our last vacation – free of all American tourists. Maybe you should scope out overreaction zones and head there?

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