What To Put in My Coffee?

I guess it takes just one Wall Street Journal article to make almond milk mainstream – or at least acceptable to try.  I read the piece and decided to give it a try.  Two others I know did the same.  (sidenote: Looks like PR really does work … sometimes.)

Head-on Nutritional Comparison - Almond vs. Lactose-Free vs. Soy Milk

Color, texture and taste were all good.  Taste was neutral (unlike soy), which was good.

The nutritional comparison for almond milk was general favorable, but a bit mixed. Fewer calories – significantly fewer calories than milk, actually – and as much calcium as milk or soy.  But significantly less protein in almond milk than the others:


Almond Lactaid 1% Soy Light
Calories 60 110 70
Calcium 30% 30% 30%
Protein 1 g 8g 6g

The final verdict on almond milk?  Not bad.  Good for hot chocolate or as a novelty.  But not sure it’s beaten out Lactaid as my go-to for morning coffee.  Or even soy milk for G’s post-workout protein shakes.

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