Locked Out on a Cold Evening – What To Do? Where to Wait?

Last week, we were out walking the dogs one night when I heard a voice:

Can you hurry? It’s cold out here. How much longer will you be?

Oh-kay, it turns out our neighbor – or one of the neighbors’ friends – was locked out, standing on the porch, visibly cold, chatting on her cell phone.  At least she was wearing a (cute) down parka.   I kinda felt badly for her.  Should I ask her if she wanted to wait in our house?

G preempted that momentary feeling of empathy before I vocalized my thought – she doesn’t need to stand on the porch in the cold.  She can walk 5 minutes and wait in, like 10 different restaurants or bars.

So true.

  • Scenario 1 – she could walk to Veritas on the corner of Florida and Connecticut, grab a seat at the bar and spend $10 or $14 on a nice glass of wine, enjoy warmth and good company.
  • Scenario 1B – She could walk to Veritas, sit at the bar, order a glass of wine, then after her friend texts her that s/he is there, sigh and complain that her friend stood her up.  The nerve! I’m betting the nice boys at Veritas would have comped her drink – A nice (cute) girl like you?   What a jerk!  This one’s on us.
  • Alternative 1B – Just stay at Veritas and hang out with the nice guys there, probably cooler than the friend anyhow …
  • Scenario 2 – Go to Bistrot du Coin just down from Veritas, head to the bar, by the time the bartender gets to you, your friend will be there and you can just take off.  One time the “French” service there is a good thing.  A warm wait and decent people watching.  Or you could chomp down some French bread sopped in mussel juice while you wait.  Washed down with a nice Cotes du Rhone …
  • Scenario 3 – Go to the Russia House, next to Veritas, flash some boob and push your way into one of the bars.  Very frat party-like, a different bar/party on each floor … Very warm, poor-at-best service, therefore completely free.  Cozy place to wait as long as you don’t have to use the bathroom (yuck!), lots of good people watching.  Hey, you might even get felt up by a 12 year old with a fake ID!

And that’s just within 3 blocks!

(For the record, she was no longer standing on the porch by the time we came back from the around-the-block walk … No guilty conscience here!)

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