Happy Re-Opening & 90th Birthday to the Phillips Collection

We were coming back from the farmer’s market on Sunday and saw the line at the Phillips, people were curling around 21st Street toward R.  What people won’t do for something free!  I only wished the neighborhood restaurants had specials …!

Our neighborhood was filled with cars with Virginia tags, and groups of people strolling semi-cluelessly around.  The line went quickly – if you were in line when the doors opened.  After that, people only went in as others departed.

Inside, it was zoo-like, a sense that was probably heightened by the many under-10 children roaming around.  Every now and then, I would hear, “Please don’t touch the art!”  The famous pieces, like the Rothkos and the Renoir, were mobbed with visitors trying to enjoy a moment.

In all, it was frenzied, but what a community open-house should be.  The Phillips accommodated so many and provided a cultural getaway for families, young couples, groups of friends – a great way to celebrate the holiday weekend.

The most popular exhibit might have been the cake display, which featured birthday cakes made by local celeb bakers, each with a different take on the celebration …

An Impressionistic birthday cake

Floating candle cake

Of all the cakes, Cake Love's smelled the best!

A cake you might find in Paul Klee's house

Stained-glass cake

Calder cake

Matisse-inspired cake

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