Kinkead’s: Good Seafood, But Off Atmosphere

You want to go where for dinner?

Well, why would G expect me to respond with Kinkead’s?  We hadn’t been there in ages, but why not give it another try?  I’d always loved the food, just found the vibe there a bit odd.  And, in full disclosure, I had bought a Groupon for the place, so this weekend seemed as good a time as any.

The food was as good as I remembered.  My scallops were delicious.  The flavors were terrific, the sauce was a great complement, not a distraction.

scallops with grilled artichokes and "spaghetti" squash

Even the desserts were amazing …

Trio of creme brulees - vanilla, chocolate and pistachio

Kinkead's lemon dessert sampler

But the service … uneven at best.  It’s both inattentive and snobbish – what a combo, right?  We saw two servers walk around our room with main courses, unsure where to put them down – alas, they were in the wrong room.  And twice, G had to ask for a spoon – once after the server brought him seafood chowder, then left, and then after he brought the dessert, sans spoon.

Maybe it’s the layout of the place.  The bar area can be good.  It’s laid back and the perfect place to grab drinks, some bites with a friend and catch up.  My personal favorites are the crab cake and the grilled squid with tomato, potenta and pesto.  So much so that I thought about getting two apps for dinner …

The main dining room can be fun, too.  But the side room, where we’ve been before – notably with my grandmother and a whole host of family – can be odd.  In that way, it’s like Black Salt in the Palisades – good food, but you can be 20 years younger than anyone else in your room if you’re unlucky.  That’s fun.

In our case, there were two tables of twenty somethings on dates – special occasions, I would guess, given the way they were pawing each other.  There was a table of two (hippie) couples eating out, and a foursome that was pretty clearly parents visiting their college-aged son and meeting his girlfriend for the first time.  Note to self:  posture is important, particularly for gals.  Curling over into a “C” is unattractive and clearly conveys lack of confidence …

I wish the service were on par with the food, but that might be beyond what Kinkead’s can offer.  So I’ll just stick to the bar … with a girlfriend.  It’s not really a date place.

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