Goodbye to All That: Redskins (Disappointing) Year in Review

The first week of the NFL post-season seems an appropos time to reflect on the Redskins’ lack of participation in the playoffs, yet again.  At the beginning of the season, I thought 10-6 was way wishful thinking, but 8-8 should have been reachable – how sad when  mediocrity is the goal.

Goodbye to the 2010 Redskins

Earlier this week, my friend and fellow ‘Skins fan Liz was still in the doldrums over the season.  Of course, she sat in the drizzle and watched (yet another) loss the last weekend of the season against the Giants.  She was bummed out by the season: It should have been better.  It was another bust. Well yes.

Myself?  I threw in the towel after the Vikings game after Thanksgiving.  Although the team still had one win left left in them, it was pretty clear the season was over, and things were just going to devolve.  So I slunk around for a day or two, then put on the rose-tinted glasses – after all, the off-season possibilities were endless.

Despite all the sturm and drang in 2010, there was some movement in the right direction:

Professionalizing the front office.  Good riddance to Vinny and adios Zorn.  I’m not loving the Shanahan era – and I may never get there – but getting rid of those two jokers elevated the team to “non laughing stock.”  Or as Mike Knuble would say, this is not going to be another laugher.

Addition by subtraction.  Yes, there were tons of missteps.  Wasn’t there a better way to handle Fat Albert?   And don’t even get me started on the ham-handed, amateur-ass way the team dealt with McNabb.  That, too, falls at Shanahan’s door.  But …  there was  Banks – how can you not watch him when he’s on the field?  And I thought Torrain and Armstrong took big steps.  Moss had a good year, although he’s getting up there in age … Mind you, there’s still quite a bit to do here.  Starting with figuring out who’s going to be QB1 next year – cuz it ain’t Sexy Rexy.

Flashes on D.  When you’re starting with the 31st ranked defense, improvement should be not too difficult for next year (in theory, of course).  I thought LaRon Landry was amazing before he got hurt.  Either he’s found his groove or he’s finally playing in the right position or something.  Orakpo is strong.  D Hall seemed to be a contributor, and not just to the talking smack.

Here’s to the unlimited promise of the off-season!

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