What I Learned From HBO 24/7

That finale was fun, like reliving the big win.  Even though I knew how the game would end, I was still caught up in the drama.  Hard not to be.  Okay, now for the insights:

Winning is happy, losing is crappy. Episode 1, everything was sunny and happy for the Pens, while the Caps were slumped over, Boudreau dropping the F-bomb.  Fast forward to the Pens on game day … Low and behold, even Disco Dan (Bylsma) is dropping the F-bomb.  Sid the Kid is F-bombing officials – I watch f’ing 80 games on TV and that’s a penalty shot every time!!!  Which leads me to observation #2 …

Players F-bomb the officials. Who knew?  I mean, from Bull Durham, I know you get thrown out for using the c-word in baseball, but hockey?  Apparently you can F-bomb officials.  No problem.  Maybe it’s the language barrier, but the Caps seem to rant and rave, as in Ovi’s “What for? What the F for?” when getting called for a penalty.  But the Pens?  Wow, episode 4 did nothing to refute their reputation as whiners.  Dan Steinberg has a good recap of the best Pens whines.  My favorite, though, is “I swear to God, slash me again, I’ll take your teeth out Nicky.”  I’m sure Backstrom was like, whatever, I’ll just hip check you with my large, Swedish backside and that’ll knock you back for a month.

Hockey is hard on the face. I think the Caps should put a plastic surgeon on staff.  All the in-game stitching up, Hendrick’s bloodshot eye and Knuble’s dental work … The worst had to be the Pen’s Ben Lovejoy and how his face swelled to something like, four times it’s size, from being on the plane.  Yuck!  {shudder}

The Caps-Pens rivalry really is all that. This fan can’t wait for the next game.  HBO did not overhype the rivalry, and it really came out at the Winter Classic.  Sure, Boudreau was very upfront in the series – he wanted to win the game, it’s a big one.  But Bylsma played it cool – it’s only after the game that he admits the same – he really wanted to f’ing win that one.

Sidenote:  Be honest now, who didn’t develop a small crush on the Pens coach during this show?  He’s so calm and smart.  A good guy.  A steady hand guiding the team.  A good dad and attentive husband.  But then the game starts, the Pens start to lose, and he’s dropping the F-bomb and complaining as much as Bruce.  Sigh.  Love the fedora, though.  He nailed that look!

Can’t wait for the Caps-Pens on February 6 at Verizon Center – mark the date!

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