What Music Gets You Psyched For A Big Event?

It wasn’t a question that anyone asked exactly, but on the way to Pittsburgh, when G became the default DJ, it was one that was on all our minds.

His answer:  hang out music, like Janis Joplin and Cat Power’s remake of the Stones.  Good music, no doubt, but not exactly the stuff that get’s you pumped up to strut into Heinz Field and confront – or at least hold your own with – 60,000 Pittsburgh fans.  Okay, more like 45,000, but you get my point.

I’ll give him credit, though, it was his idea to download the songs on the Caps opening video, with Run this Town from Rhianna …

… and then this number from 12 Stones – love the line about sacred scars …

What about the Caps players?  Turns out they have a theme song, a leitmotif, if you will, and an unlikely one at that.  The footage of the players, sweaty, but euphoric after their win (courtesy of HBO 24/7) was too much. You had to laugh with and at them.

My only regret is that I didn’t download “Unleash the Fury” for the third period.  Now that would have been fun.

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