Winter Classic Wear

Counting down to the Winter Classic, now if only the weather would cooperate!  I’m ready for cold weather, but wet?  Not so much.

The latest forecast for Heinz Field seems to say high of 49 and rainy.  So warm-ish.  But then again, it’s Pittsburgh.  It will be windy.  It’s outdoors. We’ll be sitting for hours on end, doing nothing.  Well, cheering for the Caps doesn’t really count as activity.  In other words, it will feel colder than the temperature indicates.

And that’s all if the game starts on time.  The NHL is sticking to its guns:  1 pm start time.  Well, with the pre-game activities, really more like 1:30 pm … But the window for the start of the game runs until 8 pm.  Which makes getting dressed for the game even more complicated.

Here’s what I have lined up – complete with Ovechkin Russian jersey as a topper …

Winter Classic layers

…  the Snow Queen as outer layer – I’ll unzip it in the very unlikely event I get warm, but I doubt that will happen …

Down puffer

… and in case of rain, this purchase at REI today.

rain poncho

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2 Responses to Winter Classic Wear

  1. You are so prepared! I’ll be rooting for no rain and lots of hat tricks. See – I remembered!

  2. katekirk says:

    thats’s no parka, that’s a snuggie!

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