First Impressions of Las Vegas

What do you mean you’ve never been to Las Vegas before? I know. At long last, I’ve joined the club.

It’s glitzy. It’s glamorous. Or as G says, it’s opulent – the word of the day.

It’s far. I think our flight was almost 6 hours long (bad headwinds). It was long enough for 2 naps and almost half my book. I realize I’m geographically challenged, but I had no idea we were practically in California …

It’s crowded, there are people *everywhere* Where did they all come from? We must walk past like a gajilion people in the hotel lobby area just to get to the elevators – crazy! And what about the eighty billion people it takes to staff this place ….

It’s unsavory. In addition to the masses of humanity (good people watching), there’s the whole element of pushing sex on you – everywhere. I like all the handbills people pass out on the sidewalks. Good to see they don’t discriminate. And no I don’t want to check out Pussycats where they have hundreds of gorgeous girls. But thanks for making the offer.

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One Response to First Impressions of Las Vegas

  1. audsanns says:

    This is my first attempt at blogging from G’s iPad … Clearly some formatting issues I need to figure out!

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