A Win – A Caps Win!

HBO 24/7 Crew Taking in Caps Win

Man, it was nice to be there for a Caps win for a change.  It’s like we fans had almost forgotten what that was like … But now we take a two-game winning streak into Thursday’s showdown with Pittsburgh.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, in the third period, with the Caps way up on the Devils, the crowd started to chant, “we want Pittsburgh.” I hope the HBO crew got that!

Other highlights:

Andrew Gordon scoring his first NHL ever goal.  The look on his face was priceless – and you couldn’t help feeling so happy and excited for him.  Loved that Beagle scored as well, okay, mostly love his name.

MJ90 killing a penalty with no stick in the final minutes. Must be a Swedish thing, where they teach players to kill penalties without a stick.  At least he didn’t end up blocking shots with his, er, backside like Nicky last year …

Best moment of the night though, had to be Carly’s goal.  Ovechkin rushed up the ice carrying the puck, Devils back on their heels … the Devils player manages to poke the puck away, but Ovie keeps him from the puck.  And it just sat there on the ice, for what seemed like an eternity – until Carlson came up and blasted a shot by Grandpa Marty.

Just what the crowd was asking for!

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One Response to A Win – A Caps Win!

  1. Forgotten what a win was like? Oh ye of little faith. It was only Thanksgiving when they were red hot…

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