Girls Night Out With A Girl’s Guide

Political Satire in Washington, Via Chicago

A shout out to Mel who took me to the Food and Friends benefit earlier this week at the Woolly Mammoth Theater. It was a great event, lots of good energy and all for a terrific cause – delivering meals to people who have HIV/AIDS or other serious conditions.  But really, it was a gay man’s dream – theater packed full of fit, nice looking, well-dressed guys with a social conscience and love of the arts and food … sigh! But I guess it depends of your type.

The show was funny, for the most part.  The stage was set up to look like the DC Metro – the same flooring, lights and sound.  A Girl’s Guide to Washington Politics definitely focused on the gals of politics – Hillary (Clinton), Nancy (Pelosi), Elena (Kagan), with interludes on Michelle (Rhee), Ruth Bader (Ginsburg), Christine (O’Donnell) and others.  Whether it was Italian Opera touting the change at the Supreme Court, a serenade of Elena to the tune of “Evita” or a wry take on voting rights, the cast of 5 from The Second City held our attention and kept us entertained, with a couple of well-timed zingers and cabaret-style numbers.  Some were funnier than others, some were snappy and sharp, others longer with more of a “message.”   The audience was inclined to be supportive, but of course, it’s toughest to do political satire in a political town.

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