Futility in Washington Sports – Botched Redskins Snap, Caps Losing Six in a Row

According to SB Nation DC, Washington professional sports teams are 4-17 since Thanksgiving.

I’m not sure I can count 4 wins, can you?

Sadly, for the Redskins, this is nothing new.  As has been the case for most of the last 10? 15? years …  We get to the point in the season when we look ahead to next year and just playing out the string.  Sometimes, it just comes earlier.  I guess we Redskins fans should be pleased the team kept our interest for as long as they did.  When 1/3 of the starters have aren’t NFL starters and the highest paid player on the team is literally a huge  distraction … Well, this fan at least thinks we have a decent foundation for next year.  If nothing else, a professional coaching staff is a huge improvement over the Zorn era.

But the Caps?  A six game losing streak?  Telling that the last losing streak this long led to Boudreau being promoted to head coach … Note that six game losing streaks are more the norm for other Washington teams, i.e., the Nats, the Wiz, even the ‘Skins.

Is the problem motivation?  I don’t think so.  It’s been clear since the Montreal series six months ago that Boudreau was outcoached.  It wasn’t that he couldn’t get the guys to play hard, he just wasn’t quite sure where to put them or who to have out on the ice.  He’s had 7 games, an entire summer and almost half a season to think and tinker.  He still can’t figure it out.  Sometimes, it is the X’s and O’s, and as much as I like Gabby, I think the Caps also need a professional head coach.

Will we get it?  Or will the Caps follow the Redskins’ pattern?  Alas, it’s too early for the Caps to already be looking to “next season.”

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