StubHub and the Female Sports Fan

It might be a coincidence, but the last three times I’ve sold tickets using StubHub, the buyer has been a woman.  That struck me as a bit odd because I think of the typical ticket buyer – especially after market – being the rabid sports fan, i.e., a gruff guy.

So are teams like the Redskins and Capitals becoming more popular with women?

Or are women more likely the ticket buyer for the couple or family regardless or whether they themselves are fans?

Perhaps women are buying tickets as gifts for the sports fan in their lives.  Come to think of it, I tend to be the primary purchaser of tickets, even if it’s so G can see one of his Philadelphia teams play in DC.  Think: birthday gift you know he’ll like.  A fellow female sports fan does the same for her husband’s hometown team – great seats to a game as a Christmas gift.

Also, StubHub is “safer” than say, going on Craigslist which might involve meeting at a random bar to exchange cash for tickets (which G has done for Caps playoff tickets).  It’s also less “risky” than eBay, where you might get into a bidding war with an out of control Ottawan or brusing Bostonian following their team around North America.

So maybe it does make sense that (some) women flock to StubHub …

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