Is Hannan The Final Piece of The Puzzle?

Just because I had never heard of Scott Hannan until yesterday afternoon does not mean I do not have an opinion about the Tomas Fleischmann trade.

I love it.

First, Flash.  Good player.  Nice guy, not in any way a problem to the locker room or the organization, except that he rarely played up to his potential.  It wasn’t laziness, more lack of will.  He played soft.  And that’s not good – in hockey or in life.  After all, there are going to be bumps along the way, you just have to grit your teeth and play through it.  Sometimes, you need to get in another gear and push through.  Flash never seemed to be able to do it.  As GMGM said,

“Flash is a good player. He’s not playing as well as he can play right now, but he will,” McPhee said. “He’s helped get us to where we are and was a big part of the turnaround.”

So farewell, Flash.  Good luck, and I hope one day it clicks for you.

In the meantime, welcome Hannan to the Caps blue line.  A veteran addition to the D sounds like just what the team needs.  Looking forward to your grit and determination.

The quest for the Cup just kicked into another gear.

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