A Thanksgiving Treat: Hat Trick And Shut Out vs. Lightning

Question of the night courtesy of G:  Which do you think is rarely in hockey, a shut out or a hat trick?

My guess is shut outs are rarer than hat tricks for the Ovechkin-led Caps.  Friday, we witnessed our second Semin hat trick this season – Apparently, he’s already had three …  When he is on his game, he is really magnificent.  When a teammate nudged Sasha to let him know he was on the big screen after his hat trick, he gave a shy, but beaming smile.  It’s nice to see the mercurial star bask in the fan appreciation … If only someone – anyone – could figure out the key to unlocking that talent on a consistent basis …

Ovechkin skates off as caps fly for Semin's hat trick

Question of the night #2: Are there set plays in hockey like in football? This one courtesy of friends who were at their first Caps game.

Of course!  At the end of the shoot around, Ovechkin, Semin and Carlson were the last to skate off the ice.  First, Semin shot at the net, and Ovechkin stood in front, batting the puck into the net.  Then Carlson passed the puck across ice to Semin so he could practice long, angled shots.  Then Ovie passed the puck cross ice to Carlson for him to shoot on net.

  • Semin = 3 goals
  • Carlson = 1 goal – game winner
  • Ovechkin = 2 assists

I’d say they were practicing something …

Caps Shoot Around before Lightning game, 11-26-10

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