Thanksgiving For Two

I love not traveling and not hosting for Thanksgiving – it’s completely liberating.  I feel a little guilty writing that, but only a little.

What I love is that I get to focus on what this holiday is about – food, family – as in G and my dogs – relaxation, football, hanging out and recharging.  We eat what we want – there’s always a surprise I introduce every year and truthfully, it doesn’t always turn out, although it usually does.  We eat when the bird is ready – whenever that is.  And we snack and sip wine in the meantime …

Here’s this year’s holiday menu:

  • free-range turkey, roasted in a bag
  • cornbread, smoked oyster and turkey sausage stuffing – inside the bird despite the health issues
  • giblet gravy
  • fresh cranberry and orange relish
  • spoonbread
  • popovers
  • mashed potatoes – thinking about trying a version of mashed potatoes with a ribbon of kale
  • mashed sweet potatoes – no marshmellow topping or syrup please
  • brussel sprouts a la 2666 – new to the menu this year
  • broccolini sauteed with garlic, served with slivered almonds – bringing back this old fave
  • pumpkin bread pudding – new this year, an untried recipe
  • apple pie a la G – his specialty – I tried my hand at this in the past, but it never turned out as well as his …
  • pinot noir – probably French, although we may try a California this year
  • eau de vie at the end of the night, to clear out the pipes and make everyone feel better all around

Then leftovers, then when we’re bored with that, a white bean turkey chili …

The best part of this Thanksgiving is that we get our traditional Thanksgiving by ourselves, but we also get to spend time with close friends who are coming to town for their own (family) turkey day dinner.  But we’ll get to hang out with them in between.  The best of both.  Can you tell I’m looking forward to it?

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving For Two

  1. The best part? Dessert for breakfast with the friends we are so thankful for…

    • audsanns says:

      Hanging out with good friends is undoubtedly the best part of Thanksgiving – well, stuffing myself silly with food ranks up there, too …

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