What To Wear To The Caps

A pretty tough question actually, not because of logistics –  No layers or advance planning to find the gloves or rain jacket — Unless it’s the Winter Classic in which case, it’s a multi-layer challenge …  It’s a matter of how the team’s doing, their karma and what they need from their fans.  Stick with a winning outfit.  Seriously, was it a coincidence that during the Caps winning streak last season I wore the same outfit (down to er, base layers)?  I think not.  But sometimes you need to shake things up with a new outfit.  Here are a few options:

The classic – long-sleeved white t-shirt (alternative = black or gray hoodie), #19 Backstrom red short-sleeved t-shirt over it, jeans – gets the job done

The Classic: Backstrom #19

The alternate – long-sleeved white, gray or black t-shirt, short-sleeved red Rock the Red t-shirt (from 2008 playoffs), jeans

The Alternate: Rock the Red

The clutch – short-sleeved t-shirt, #74 Carlson red jersey, jeans  – clutch player for a clutch game.  For extra good karma, Caps “Unleash the Fury” t-shirt under jersey

The Clutch: Carlson #74

The turnaround – for mid-season shakeup, black or gray hoodie, long sleeve off-white turtleneck, short-sleeved red Unleash the Fury t-shirt (from 2009 playoffs), jeans – get mad, get even.  For end of season or playoff message, just t-shirt and jeans.  Please note:  do not do shorts, no matter how warm it is outside.  Just not a good idea and bad karma to wear shorts or flip flops to the ice rink.

The Turnaround: Unleash the Fury

The Russian – Long-sleeve white Ovechkin Russian team jersey over winter layers, jeans or cords.  In full disclosure, I took this out of the rotation after a bad Caps loss in like, 2008, but thinking about bringing it back for Winter Classic in Pittsburgh because of the Russian-Canadian thing and oh yeah, because it’ll actually be a great top layer over a down jacket and the 15 layers I intend to wear.

The Russian: Ovechkin

Thinking the “turnaround” for Saturday’s game vs. the Flyers.  Not so much that Caps need to turn around their season, but Washington sports could use a boost in general …

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  1. Sports needs a fashion maven. You’re it!

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